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CSR Event at Casa Día – Caring for the Elderly

In recent days we had the pleasure of handling a group of a major Insurance Agency in Los Cabos. Among activities to enjoy their well-earned incentive trip, the Agency also included an important donation consisting of the sum of funds donated by the personnel and the sum equivalent to the same amount made by the Agency, thus, contributing to making the difference in a local caring home for seniors.

In times when we are facing situations of humanitarian fragility, it is comforting to see that social responsibility programs remain in the culture of several companies. Regardless of the reinforcement of values and integration that the Agency gets, I want to emphasize the impact for both, the recipients and the givers.

Casa Día, which received the improvements, caters to the elderly, humble people that time has come to them, many with no idea of the contradictions in the world, without access to the media and modernity that we live today, in their faces were reflected the surprise, joy and gratitude towards the "gringuitos" (as they referred to them, diminutive, lovingly) and who are the protagonists of this sensitive event. Without the solidarity gesture of the participants who came to the place to donate their time too, and to carry out improvement activities, the event would not have been possible, at the end; their faces also showed satisfaction and peace for the well done. The Elders of Casa Día are happy and enjoying better facilities now.

Our deep appreciation goes to the Agency for such a commendable contribution to the community of Los Cabos, Quality Incentives DMC is very proud to have been part of this project and we hope to be part of similar projects in the future.

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