Los Cabos´ Marine Life

Our amazing Whales Season is about to end in a few more weeks, they will embark on their way to the North regions after several months in the Baja waters giving birth, looking after their young and mating. Mexico was the first country in the world to protect the gray whale, implementing measures that have contributed to its total recovery.

The local tours for whale watching are carried out under strict control and observation of the measures established so as not to disturb them but at the same time give the visitor the chance to meet one of the most impressive mammals.

Whale watching season in Los Cabos begins in mid-December and ends in mid-May, undoubtedly several months of opportunity to include this activity in your group programs.

And what's next? Well, for the second semester of the year we have the arrival of one of the fastest and most recognized fish, the beautiful, Blue Marlin. Blue Marlins are the heaviest and largest of all Marlins and it is a highly prized fish for sports fishing as they are tough fighters and give a great visual display with their spectacular jumps. For lovers of sports fishing (catch and release) from May to November in Los Cabos is the opportunity to enjoy a fishing trip…and for those returning with leftover bait, watch out of Pancho, our beloved Sea Lion!

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