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My House is your Home...come and Celebrate with Us!

The festivities in Mexico, whether for religious or historical reasons are full of symbolism and are of extreme importance for our culture, these are times in which unity and family values are reinforced, that is why celebrating for us is transcendent.

The next time you travel to Mexico, check if your travel plans coincide with a holiday, do not hesitate to join the party and enjoy a unique experience full of color, music, food and the great spirit of friendship and empathy that distinguishes the Mexicans.

Upcoming events in this last quarter you would like to experience:

Day of the Dead

This is a traditional festivity in Mexico that honors the deceased. It is celebrated mainly on November 1st and 2nd, although in some places it starts from October 31, coinciding with the Catholic celebrations of All Souls' Day and All Saints Day as well as a variation of Halloween. In 2008 UNESCO declared the festival as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of Mexico.

Las Posadas

Las Posadas are traditions in Mexico during the Christmas season. During nine days people pray and sing Christmas carols every day. The landlords offer punch, canes, oranges or tangerines and a sachet with sweets and peanuts called collation, without missing the piñatas full of sweets to finalize with a dinner that consists of traditional dishes. Each of the nine days has a different meaning: humility, strength, detachment, charity, trust, justice, purity, joy, and generosity.

Nochebuena (Christmas Eve)

Christmas Eve is celebrated the night of December 24th, the day before Christmas Day (December 25th). It is the Christian celebration of the night that Jesus was born. It is quite common a family reunion to dine and exchange gifts. It could be considered the main cultural and family feast since the families also meet even if there is no religious celebration. Usually, Christmas Day is a day to rest and enjoy leftovers.

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