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Whale Shark Encounter

An unforgettable Experience!

Swimming with the whale shark is a unique experience that you can live whether you visit Cancun or Los Cabos. Despite their large size, whale sharks pose no danger to humans, they are gentle and docile creatures.

The whale shark season in Cancun is from May to September. The best months for sighting and swimming are July and August in the nearby islands of Holbox, Contoy, and Isla Mujeres. This is something that you should include if you are vacationing there.

In Los Cabos, it starts from September to April. Here, the top period for sighting and swimming is from November to March, being the best places Cabo Pulmo and La Paz. Right in the group season, a plus for any participant or a great activity during your vacations.

Due to the increased popularity of this activity, the Mexican Conservation Authorities have established rules to protect the whale shark, including strict measures for tour operators who must have not only the corresponding licenses but also the necessary training to move in the water and do not collide with whale sharks.

While in Cancun is not possible, SCUBA diving with whale sharks is allowed so far in the Baja. We at Quality Incentives DMC know the area and the qualified suppliers, we can support you to select the most suitable options for you to enjoy this unforgettable activity.

Generally, groups of maximum 10 people per boat are allowed, there is a limited number of boats and schedules too, so it is recommended to make arrangements in advance to enjoy this wonderful experience.

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