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Benefits of working with a DMC

A Destination Management Company represents YOU, your goals and objectives to the vendors in the region where you are holding your program.


You benefit from the DMC's knowledge of local products, service quality, and reliability. A DMC will negotiate on your behalf, always keeping your best interest and budget in mind.

A DMC can leverage its relationships and purchasing power to provide the highest quality of service in a cost-effective manner.

Tips for selecting a DMC

  1. Verify their local references; this will give you an idea of their local connections and relationships.

  2. Membership in Industry Associations like SITE, MPI or ADMEI. This will show knowledge of industry issues and practices for M&I business.

  3. Check Client´s Testimonials.  As a recognition of quality services and trust from former and current clients.

  4. Check their Representations or Business Liaisons.  A complement to keep their business running, a vision to stay in the industry.

  5. Verify Executives´Professional Background (Linkedin for example).  Individual credentials show their expertise, knowledge, and experience in the M&I business.

  6. Verify if the DMC counts with a reliable Liability Insurance.  As an extensive protection for your Company.

  7. Verify years in the M&I business.  Years of experience count for resolving unexpected issues!

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