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Having a Holiday Day Off when you dedicate yourself to tourism?

Always on duty and with a great attitude, here we are!

One of the first things we check on our annual task list is the holidays both in the USA and in Canada. But, why are the holidays in these Countries important in our working yearly tasks?

This is data that allow us to set workload peak dates, which let us organize better our staff to prevent work jams, but why? Well, usually the week prior to the holiday there is a comprehensive urgency from both sides (Planners and DMC) to finish program details or to quote a last-minute service, so, everybody is hands on everything to fulfill expectations. The reward for such haste of information comes almost immediately, the week during which the holiday falls, because no phone rings and the email box is quiet, peacetime at the office to update files and to be creative, thinking of new options for events.

What about holidays in Mexico? In reality, these are normal days for those of us in the tourism industry. Most of the Companies assign staff on duty in order to cover needs, thus service flows smoothly as normal. However, third-party suppliers, who do not have direct contact with the tourism world, are not typically available, and if we are designing a special event, this task could turn into a mission impossible movie!

Full of contrasts and mixed feelings, a day break is always welcome.

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